.......a practice of moving from the heart

.......a means of connecting with body and mind

.......develops awareness of how we move in bodies, and in turn, our community

.......brings awareness to our inner self

.......one of many paths that may help us know ourselves

.......is experiential

.......a great workout


You can move consciously and ecstatically from anywhere...the floor, a mat, a wheelchair, an armchair. 

If you need to come into the space and just sleep, or be still the entire time....it's up to you...

All levels of mobility and experience are welcome and encouraged to attend

You have all that you need to be Here
Movement for a better world!
Movement before medication!

...can be about sitting in the corner and writing
...laying on the floor and sleeping

...crying out and weeping

...letting out what you've been keeping

...dancing and dancing wild and crazy until you drop!
...using the space & the music for your own process                                                    

whatever we do

...be gentle with yourself
...be gentle with your heart
...be gentle with each other

Tell you what I want
'Tell you what I need
What I'm looking for

Sit in silence close your eyes, feel the magic everywhere inside you
Fingers toes head heart and soul, connected deep to every living thing
Not just the taste, the touch, the smell
Or the face you know so well
Not the 400 word description
The book, the film, the faithful depiction
Get out of here
Get out while you can
Choose life, strive for essence

Choose life, Choose living
Choose life, Choose living
Go digging, Go digging

Go digging, Go digging

Go digging for essence
for Essence
for Essence

Sit in silence and watch the sky
Feel the magic deep inside you
Every woman and every man
Turn off your mind and you'll understand

Sit in silence and watch the sky yeah
Feel the energy inside outside

Aint one damn thing means a thing in this life
til you get close to Essence, til you try
Every man and woman listen to me, hey
Live in the moment or you'll never be free


Choose life, Choose essence.


Essence - Marillion

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